My Story

Playing for Arsenal Junior Team

Growing up, I was certain of one thing, I wanted to pursue a career in the sports industry, and there is no  better way for doing so than joining one of the best teams in the world. At the age of fifteen I was accepted to join the Arsenal junior team. Before joining the team, I was observed by the team for several months prior to offering me a position as a forward. Despite having disagreements with my father, I decided to take that amazing opportunity. I was able to balance my high-school duties and the time that I spent on the field. I was great, talented, skilled and quite devoted to becoming a professional footballer one day.

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Everyone was certain of my future success, and no one could have imagined me doing anything besides having a career in the sports industry. However, this period was quite challenging, since I was pursued by my father to focus on school and on the other hand by my trainer to devote more to my football career. Several months have passed since I’ve joined the team, and it appeared like I was able to balance both high school and field duties. But, my life changed in a single day after being less than a year on the field.

Football Dreams Ended

I was playing for Arsenal junior team as a forward for almost a year when a terrible car accident injury put an end to my football dreams. I had it all including skill, talent, and devotion, but after suffering a leg injury in the car accident I was forced to leave the team. I was even forced to forget about my football dreams for good since the injury has left consequences. I was devastated after turning back to my childhood dream. In this case, skills and an amazing talent weren’t enough, since I physically wasn’t able to play. After I’ve recovered from the injury, I devoted myself to his high-school duties which forced me to think less about being there on the field. At that time I thought that was it, I thought there is no chance of being involved in sports industry again.
Then I got into college, graduated and thought about what to do next in life and in which direction to move. Even though my football dreams on the field ended, I’ve discovered another way of pursuing this dream. I’ve discovered sports journalism which has gained an international recognition in the recent years. After embarking on a sports blog, I thought about pursuing something similar on my own, and I was right. It was the right call to make. By becoming a sports blogger, I was able to keep that flame from old days when I was playing for Arsenal junior team and I was able to stay in close touch with the sports industry even without being on the field. At that time I left my regular job in order to pursue something completely different even though I was aware of the fact that there are going to be various challenges, but I knew that if I was persistent I am bound to succeed.

Finally Pursuing The Childhood Dream

After many years being away from the field, I was finally able to pursue my childhood dream. Becoming a sports blogger for me meant I will be able to express my opinion on sports industry, that I will be able to stay in touch with the industry and most importantly that I will be able to do what I like the most. Despite my passion for science and for writing, sports is my greatest passion, and this way I never have to leave my dream behind. Even though I am not directly involved like those who are there on the field, I am quite involved in a different manner. I went from turning back to my dream to becoming an internationally recognized journalist, only because of a high persistence. Due to this kind of devotion and strength, today I am living my dream.