About Me

The Beginning

I was born on August 13th, 1970 in London. As a teenager, I was interested in the science of space, quality, and numbers. I was also interested in the most valuable subject in society, mathematics. I inherited a close relationship to science from my father who used be to an accountant at a huge London-based company. Growing up I was involved in mathematics through various high school projects and through both local and international math competitions.
I guess no one was surprised when I got accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge. I was studying mathematics at University of Cambridge from 1988 to 1992. I earned my bachelor’s degree in the Mathematical Tripos. In addition to my love for science, I was very passionate about sports as well, especially football. Prior to my Cambridge years, I played for the Arsenal junior team as forward, but we will later get to that part of my life.

Navigating Post-College Years

After earning my bachelor’s degree in the Mathematical Tripos at the prestigious University of Cambridge, I decided to pursue my other passion instead of working at some accountant company doing what I know best. Instead of going into safe waters, I decided to explore other opportunities where I will be able to express myself through writing which was also a great passion of mine. My writing skills were recognized by a local TV station which hired me as a journalist. At that time I was mainly writing about upcoming local events and covering everything revolving around my hometown London.
First two years after graduating from college, I was working for several local TV stations doing what I like – writing. However, it was more than clear that something was simply missing. I was unable to incorporate my science background into this job, which made me realize I should explore other opportunities where I will be able to combine my greatest passions, science, sports, and writing. It may seem like a challenge, but I was persistent. It was the luckiest day of my life when I almost accidentally embarked on some sports blog. At that time I thought I should try something similar on my own since in this branch I would be able to combine my passions and produce something in which more and more people are interested especially in the United Kingdom where football is one of the most popular sports. I decided to leave my regular job at the local TV station in order to pursue this dream.

Working for Major Sports Publishers

After starting my own sports blog, I was soon enough recognized by some major sports publishers which offered me a regular job as their journalist. I gladly accepted since it was an amazing opportunity. At the beginning, I was writing reviews and articles covering major sports teams and competitions and expressing my opinion on the sports industry in the United Kingdom. Then at some point, I was writing for both sports website and sports magazines, and it felt like a dream come true. I often remembered that time when I was just a kid who went with his father to watch a match of England Premier League back in 1980.
I was only ten years old when my father took me to a great match between Liverpool and Manchester United. The winner of season 1979/80 was Liverpool. Even though I was kind of rooting for Manchester United and they’ve lost the title, I was thrilled to just be there and witness that great moment. It is more than apparent this moment has influenced my later decisions. Probably because of this moment I was so confident when I was older that I can successfully combine my scientific background with my other great passions, sports and writing and produce something that people will read on regular basis. I was lucky enough to discover my call on time, so today I have a great experience in this young sports industry.

Living The Dream

Nowadays I have witnessed many amazing England Premier League matches, but my most favorite is definitely that match between Liverpool and Manchester United when I was only ten years old. My father decided to take me since I was a straight A student, so it was the greatest gift for me at that time. After pursuing a career as a sports blogger, I was able to travel all over the United Kingdom and some other European countries. During my career, I have witnessed many amazing football matches and on many occasions I was given free tickets. Of course, it is impossible to be there at every single match, but I never miss the most important ones.
That way I can produce an objective review on teams and competitions from a whole other perspective since I was there. I prefer football, but I write reviews on many sports including cricket and horse racing which are following football in terms of popularity in the United Kingdom. Due to my expertise, years of involvement in the sports industry, my science background and of course the writing skills I’ve acquired, these days I receive offers for writing reviews from many sports editions. I try to cover as much as I can but regretfully I turn some of them down as I don’t have enough time for travelling and writing all together.