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If I have my health I can carry on. There will be a point when I do quit but I have absolutely no idea when that is!

Sir Alex Ferguson

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a sports blogger ?

Some people start writing a blog in order to keep up with their friends and family who sometimes live hundreds of miles away. There are some people who start writing their blog in order to get a bunch of amazing free stuff. You will also find many people who start a blog to get free clothes. On the other hand, there are people like me who start doing it just for the fun and love for the game.

It wasn’t easy to take that most important step and pursue a career in something that I am extremely passionate about. It was really hard to overcome countless challenges that I had to face and pursue a career as a sports blogger but it was all worth it. Some say that I am one very unconventional sports blogger since my science background plays an important role in my current job. That’s probably because I try to incorporate objective statistics into my writing rather than using hagiographic mythology and that’s not something many people from this branch do.

My idea and vision for the blog at the beginning was to write mainly for football and everything related – the teams, the coaches, the Premier league and FA. Then slowly I started to have interest in writing about snooker, horse racing etc. I found eSports also have their place under the Sun and some question arised – like how to start betting on csgo? And I wanted to know the answer and provide it here. This is why general articles on sport and betting also started emerging in the site and luckily (could be said) readers responded well.

That being said I do hope you will find some useful information on my website and enjoy yourself.

Premier League

What is today known as the English Premier League has its origin in an earlier league known as Football League that was founded back in 1888? This league was also widely known as the npower league mainly due to sponsorship reasons. The league featured professional association football clubs coming from Wales and England. Founded back in 1888, it is the first such football competition which used to be the top level football league in England since its introduction until 1992 when a professional English Premier League was founded that includes nineteen teams from England and one team from Wales.

Gambling Companies and the Premier League Sponsorships

The Premier League has a massive audience from all over the world. The fact is that both international and domestic broadcaster are paying higher and higher amounts of money for English Premier League television rights deals which clearly shows the popularity and phenomenally of England’s leading football league. The Premier League will earn around £3 Billion thanks to the international broadcasters in the period from 2016 to 2019.Therefore; there is a significant increase in the cash coming from TV rights.
The Premier League also secured investments from various companies which are hungry for their brand exposure and which are ready to spend big on their brands advertising. Even though shirt sponsorships are worth millions, they are actually the most cost-effective means for companies’ advertising to those larger international audiences. Therefore, it is not surprising why more and more gambling companies decide to become English Premier League shirt sponsors.

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Sports Betting – Pros & Cons

Sports betting has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last two decades as the popularity of sports events continued to grow as well. Sports betting also continues to follow substantially increase in the Premier League so there is no wonder more and more people decide to try their luck betting from home. Due to a massive popularity of the sports betting, there are talks of legalizing sports betting in many countries. Online sports betting is a great way to enjoy the excitement and action of sports while having an amazing opportunity to win some real money. 

For beginners in the online sports betting, that excitement which sports bring is rights at their fingerprints, but beginner bettors should be aware that there are negative aspects as well that always come into play. Therefore, before embarking on this adventure, new bettors should learn both pros and cons so they will be able to make wise decisions and really start enjoying what is offered. Sports betting is a secure and safe way to win some money, but don’t forget the risks which come into play. 

logos of soccer teams